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When you lock your computer and walk away, Bait will be keeping an eye out on your behalf. Whenever someone tries to unlock your computer, Bait will create a snapshop of the person doing so and report back to you upon your return. Keep favourite snaps and configure where Bait should keep an eye out.

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Keep an eye out

Bait will keep an eye out on your behalf, for free!

Keep Favourite Snaps

Keep a collection of favorite snaps!

Go Fishing

Set bait to your lockscreen(s) and lure and capture mischievous coleagues!

Made with Love

We are passionately commited to deliver a great experience!

Set Bait

Have you ever been "Rick-Rolled" or "Hasselhoffed" when leaving your computer unlocked while you stepped away? Bait will keep an eye out and watch your back for free. Set Bait to your computer by making it appear unlocked while Bait hides in the background as a true papparazi to take some snaps of anybody feeling tempted to fiddle around with your computer. Configure on which Wireless Networks Bait should run and/or try to lure people to touch your computer. Finally figure out what colleague keeps Rick-Rolling you!


[Noun] The act of changing a colleague's desktop wallpaper to display the manly physique of David Hasselhoff.


[Noun] A prank involving an unexpected appearance of the music video for the 1987 Rick Astley song "Never Gonna Give You Up".

Fake Lockscreen(s)

Configure fake lockscreen(s) that make your computer appear unlocked.

Go Fishing

Lure and capture mischievous coleagues!


Only Go Fishing at work? Or only on unknown networks? Configuration is a breeze!


Find out who is tempted to touch your seemingly unlocked computer.

Privacy Statement

The snaphots Bait creates or the wireless networks it registers are only used by the Bait Application and will never be shared with third parties. For the sole purpose of improving the stability and adding new features, Bait will gather some anonymous metrics about the Application's usage and any problems it encounters.

Encountered an issue?

We are sorry to hear you encountered an issue. In order for us to help solve the issue, please click on the bug below to report what exactly happened and what steps led up to the issue to surface.